Seams are unseemly.

You may be thinking:

"Seams cause discomfort?"

They do!

Here's why:

Lots of us 

a little,         or alot,
Unseamly® Underwear Topiary Example

and ladyscaping™
makes us more intimate
with the seams in our intimates.

Unseamly® Underwear Competitor Brand


"Au naturel"?  

Unseamly® underwear Topiary Example

You'll find seams unseemly, too.

Especially if
you ever
walk, run,
ride bikes,
 have babies,
have surgery,
work out,
play sports,
sit down,
or wear pants.

Think the best underwear has 
one thin layer?

Think again!

These are the seams in your pants:

Unseamly® underwear Jean Seams


Already have 
"seamless" underwear?

It's not seamless.

Unseamly® underwear competitor seams

And it does cause pantylines.
(Irritation, too.) 

Don't wear boring,
unflattering underwear.

Wear Unseamlies® instead!

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